180 Gems Blingers Deluxe


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Blinger Deluxe Set, Radiance Collection, Comes with Glam Styling Tool & 150 Gems – Blinger is the new Glam Styling Tool that allows you to Load, Click, BLING! Hair, Fashion, ANYTHING! (Amazon Exclusive) Let you DIY Girls Hair easily.

With 150 adhesive gems included & multiple colors to choose from, Blinger makes it easy for your kid to glam it up and add sparkle to her life

The Blinger Radiance Collection is a fashionista’s dream – finally, a styling tool that allows your kid add all the BLING to her everyday life… and create her own striking looks.

It’s totally safe and easy to use, however, Blinger is a styling tool and there is always a chance it needs a little tune up or fix. Best girl toys.

If you experience any issue please contact our customer service and it will be our pleasure to help fix or replace.

Girl Toys – DIY Girls Hair for 3-6 year-old girls

girl toys

girl toys

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Only 180 Full Gems, 180 full Gems set


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