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Car Carrier Truck for Kids Age 3-8 Sound & Light Transport 7 in 1 Vehicle Playset Racing Game w/ Launch Track

Car Carrier Truck for Kids Age 3-8 Sound & Light Transport 7 in 1 Vehicle Playset Racing Game w/ Launch Track

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This huge catapult truck can carry more than 6 cars on its scalable level! Change your car by connecting and morphing to make this large transporter a 45" long side-by-side track. Kids can catapult small cars on the big unfolded truck, and the kid can pk with his friends, which makes for a great interactive truck. There are many more great features that make it special.

We have prepared a wealth of traffic elements road signs and stickers, children can freely create traffic road signs and learn about traffic while playing, children load up their favorite cars, lift them up and go! 6 mini alloy multi-color cars in an environmentally friendly plastic big truck that children can easily carry. It is the best choice for birthday gifts for boys aged 3-8.

  • Free expansion- The giant semi-trailer can push itself around to play. When kids pull the latch on the back, the transporter unfolds into a 45-foot-long race track!
  • Dual Launcher- We've converted the cab of the truck into a dual launcher for fair start multi-car racing, with a great trigger feature at the end of the track that allows the first car to finish while the second is stuck on the track!
  • Educational toys - We thoughtfully prepared a wealth of road signs street light models and stickers, the child can accurately stick the stickers to the corresponding location, exercise hand-eye. Traffic signs allow the little one to learn traffic knowledge, and he can create a traffic highway scene.
  • Safety First- The 6 mini-racers are alloy, but the big trucks are eco-friendly plastic, which is enough to keep the kids playing for a long time. Soft edges and no sharp parts will not hurt your child. In addition, the truck toy set is made of safe and non-fading materials, safety is always the first priority.
  • Perfect Gift for Kids- Our car toy set is made of high quality ABS eco-friendly plastic and zinc alloy. Comes with an exquisite gift box, can be used as birthday cake decorations, enlightenment props, Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving gifts, birthday gifts, etc.
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